Sim+marco (simming hands free)

How to Sim+Marco
Ok... this is chan589 from PR2. Today I just wanted to show you how to sim hands free :). To do this you need to have a cool program call Axife. This is a mouse recording program that repeats your process as many time as you want. Once you get to this site you should download this program call Axife mouse recorder. Just download the demo one. It should work just fine :). Now you ask your pr2 friends for their pass so you can sim. You will need 3 more accounts. After this you will need to open up 4 pr2 tab one at a time so it won't freeze up on you. after that log each of the account to the same server that you want. Now you search up "xp sim machine" under each of the accounts. Click Record Right before this. After that you choose a map to play and under your account click on the maps you want to play. Then 1 by 1 do that to your simming accounts. Now you click play on all of the accounts. After each account is done, click quit and return to lobby. Then go back to the tab with your account. NOW YOU CLICK STOP ON THE RECORDER. You can now hit play and this recorder with repeat your process that you've done as many time as you want. If this helped you out alot or not. Show some love by reading the next post

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